Wednesday, November 14, 2007

a new investment

A new investment that is making new billionaires – the domain name trading

It is a new investment game. As real estate goes down a new type of real estate market is providing fantastic opportunities for smart investors. It is called cyber realty – the domain name trade. Buying domain names and filliping the same for a large profit can make you rich.

The domain names are trading at their highest premium. The same domain name that traded for $10,000 in year 2,000 has recently changed hands for $65,000. The expectation is that sector specific domain names will soon trade for millions of dollars.

There are talks about creating hedge funds that just trades domain names. You cannot get mortgage to buy and hold domain names. You do mot have to pay real estate tax for this names. But it is just a question of time before they are all traded and treated like real estate.

Domain names can be appraised. A typical good domain name like,, or are appraised above $400,000. Some domain names are traded as high as $750,000.

There are new class of investors who buys domain names for cheap and flips the same to new business starting websites and looking for good domain names for a massive premiums. and similar companies can avoid costly legal fees.

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