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Real Estate Discussion Forums
Our real estate newsgroups and discussion forums allow real estate investors to chat and share information. Participate in our newsgroup forums that cover the gamut of real estate topics including how to get started, Carlton Sheets, landlording, lease options, financing, and many more.

Carlton Sheets Forum
Discuss Carlton Sheets, Robert Kiyosaki, Ron LeGrand, Russ Whitney, and other real estate authors in our real estate forums. Other investing topics include flipping properties, real estate bird dogs, tax foreclosures, short sales, preforeclosures, landlording, lease purchase options, commercial real estate, subject to (sub2), mobile homes and more.

Real Estate Books on Investing
Scan our recommended real estate investing books to increase your real estate knowledge and learn more about no down payment, rent to own, negotiating, passive income, creating cash flow, property management, and more.

Real Estate Investment Courses
Check out our vast investing course selection by national authors like Ron LeGrand, Robert Kiyosaki, David Lindahl, William Bronchick, Scott Scheel, Alan Cowgill, Wendy Patton, Dwan Twyford, Russ Dalbey, Vena Jones-Cox, Steve Cook and many more. We offer everything from low-priced starter items to comprehensive how-to creative real estate courses on topics like lease options, lease purchase, subject to (sub2), rehabbing, short sales, preforeclosures, tax sales, and many more.

Real Estate Investment Clubs
Browse the largest, most up-to-date real estate investment club list on the web to find local real estate investors near you.

Real Estate Newsletter
Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay informed on web site updates including new articles, features, products, events and more. Each issue provides helpful tips and detailed information to improve your investing business and knowledge.

Cashflow 101 Clubs
Find your local cashflow 101 club to interact with other real estate investors who enjoy Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Cashflow Games.

Hard Money Lenders
Browse our huge hard money lender list to find financing for your real estate investments.

Landlord Tenant Laws
Search our list of state by state landlord tenant laws to find the property codes in your area.

Tax Appraisal Districts
Check out our vast tax assessor list to find tax appraisal information on properties you are researching.

And Much More...
Success Stories, Real Estate Glossary, Real Estate Abbreviations, Business Tools, Real Estate Forms...

Real Estate Investment for Creative Real Estate Investors!

I run a Cash Flow Club and I recommend REIClub to everyone I know. I think you guys have an awesome website with tons of valuable information.
Chuck M.

Excellent customer service. Great company to work with. No hassle, always a friendly person to speak with!
Joe K.

REICLub is a great source for net working with like minded investors. It also provides a great deal of information to work with. Thank you REICLub.
Emmett H.

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