Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Best Investment You Can Make in the The Market Today

The Best Investment You Can Make in the The Market Today

The best investment you can make in the stock market today is your time. You need to take the time studying the market direction, finding stocks with strong fundamentals and determining exact buy points for those stocks. You see, most people are looking for the easy way to make money in the stock market. But, there is no easy way. You've got to set up your own set of rules and stock screens to find the stocks that you want.

You can spend hours reading about the market, but what really counts is your application of what you read. By studying your trades and learning from your mistakes, you are going to learn how to make the best investing decisions. Until it's your own cold hard cash on the table, you can't really know if you would have made the same decision that you did on paper.

For each stock you buy, record the fundamentals at the time and print out a stock's chart that shows it's price and volume action on a daily and weekly basis. Then, once you exit your stock, do the same. When the market is in a downturn, spend that time reviewing your past trades. Look for the things that you did right and the things you need to improve on. I suggest that you make a checklist of each investment step. Take note of each decision you make and put it in the form of a checklist. Be ruthless with yourself and a creature of habit. Create and follow your own stock buying checklists that you modify as you get more experienced.

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